Sabah Tea GardenOne step into the land of Sabah will expose you to the uniqueness of the place. If you are to look at the small elements in the place carefully, you will definitely find a lot of precious treasures that you may had overlooked in the past. Many elements – especially historical elements – had been well preserved by the local government and the local people across time. The Sabah Tea Garden is definitely one of these places which you will find a lot of natural products still being protected in the state of Sabah.

Upon arriving at the tea garden, you will instantly feel the cool air blowing against your face while you experience a beautiful view of Mother Nature consisting of the gorgeous rainforests surrounding the place. It is a great place for a temporary relaxation, with the place situated away from the buzzes of the big towns and cities. You can even smell the fresh grown tea leaves in the tea garden which will give you a sudden urge to pluck these tea leaves straightaway so that you can make yourself a kettle of fresh tea from the mountains.

Here, you will find that the Sabah Tea Garden is actually the only organic farm in the state; thus, the quality and freshness of the end products in this garden is undeniably one of the top-notch items in the entire world. You can definitely learn a lot from the tea garden, and in the same time, you can also grab this chance to indulge yourself in the long forgotten nature while you are at it.

Besides of sole observation, there are also various activities which you can participate in the Sabah Tea Garden. You can head on to the Sapon Recreational Area located in the tea garden for a simple stroll. Or you can even trek along the trails to reach one of the peaks of the hills in the tea garden. A night walk in the garden can even expose you to the nigh lives of the insects and other habitats residing in the tea garden, who might be strolling out at night for a hunt of food or in conducting their daily nigh lifestyle.

You can also choose to stay your night here in the Sabah Tea Garden which you will be given a range of options to choose from – either you would prefer the local and traditional way of staying in one of the long houses; or if you prefer to stay in a more modernized accommodation in one of the hotels in the place. Most importantly, do not forget to try out the fresh tea in the tea garden before you leave the place.

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