Sandakan Crocodile FarmThere are many precious and well preserved flora and fauna in the state of Sabah. Some are wild; whereas some are more tamed. Different attractions had been built to further protect the wildlife as well. If you are interested, perhaps you can visit the Sandakan Crocodile Farm which you would catch sight of the local protected crocodiles in the state.

The Sandakan Crocodile Farm is definitely a good place to visit because it is the largest reptile farm in Malaysia. All you need to know about the reptiles – especially crocodiles – in Malaysia, you can find them all in the farm. There are a total of over 3000 reptiles residing in the farm, and this visit will definitely be a worthy eye opener for you as you may not find any other places in the state which will expose you to this high number of reptiles in one shot.

Here in the crocodile farm, you can find some entertainment value from the constant Crocodile Show which is often being presented to allow the visitors in getting better insights about the reptiles in the country. Upon watching the amusing performances presented to you by the crocodiles, you will definitely change your view towards the crocodiles as being fierce and untamed to a friendly, and even a fun one! If your initial perception towards crocodile is a negative one, this is the show that will prove your perception wrong. So don’t miss out this golden opportunity!

You can also get to see some of the largest crocodiles in the Sandakan Crocodile Farm – one weighting to more than 1500 pounds! It is not often for you to obtain this opportunity to see these huge gigantic beasts on the move so make sure you pay a lot of attention to them. If you are lucky, you can even try feeding the crocodiles. This activity will be conducted under the careful supervision of the staff in the crocodile farm. So don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe.

Besides of the reptiles, you can also catch sight of some other animals being housed in the crocodile farm. There are tamed animals such as deer, ostrich, turtles, platypus, and a lot more which you can not only take picture with them, but you can also feed them while learning more about them in the same time. There are also various animal-related decorations in the farm which you can snap on before you leave the farm to be kept as a remembrance or as future reference for you visit to the Sandakan Crocodile Farm.

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