Sandakan Heritage TrailHaving the urge to travel around Sandakan with ease? You can now do so by visiting the Sandakan Heritage Trail! Here, you are exposed to the highlighted attractions in town which will prevent you from wasting too much time pondering and searching for each and every location, which will definitely take up your entire day. Besides, the trail here also covers the attractions which are greatly helpful in allowing you to understand and enhance your knowledge on the local histories and backgrounds, which are definitely unique in their very own ways.

The few highlighted attractions which are definitely a must-go in the Sandakan Heritage Trail include the Masjid Jamek, the World War I Memorial, and a lot more. You will be given a brief introduction first before you head on towards your journey of exploration with a map that gives you a clear direction on the few attractions you will be discovering. There are around fifteen spots to be explored and one day is certainly not enough for you to completely explore the area thoroughly.

There are also attractions highlighted in the trail which will bring you to places in which you can have a great glance on not only the entire town of Sandakan, but also the gorgeous landscapes and environments which are all well-preserved by the local government as well as the local people. This is a great opportunity for you to snap many meaningful pictures to serve as a remembrance for your trip to Sandakan this time.

One recommended way for you to utilize this guide of Sandakan is to explore the attractions through the years the city was being established – from the very beginning up to the present years. This will give you a clearer picture of the way things are formed around the city and of course, the changes that had been undertaken by the city to evolve into its present form today. By following this recommendation, you will also find yourself being able to understand better the hidden stories and the histories of the town rather than heading off the place blindly, which will often lead to incomplete memory or worse, confusion.

The Sandakan Heritage Trail also provides you with the golden opportunity to capture many meaningful pictures on the local heritage such as the traditional building structures as well as the items that are produced in a very local and traditional way, reflecting the cultures of the local tribes.

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