Sandakan Memorial ParkSabah is a unique historical state in Malaysia which is definitely worthy for one to visit when one is on his/her vacation. Of course, if you are to explore the hidden stories behind the state, be prepared for not only the sweet memories but also the bitter occurrences which had hit the place you are going to visit. In Sandakan, the Sandakan Memorial Park is one place which you will find such bittersweet memories and in the same time, visiting the place can also help you to understand more of the local stories which had contributed to the formation of the local tribes we see today.

Here in the Sandakan Memorial Park, you will find remembrance on the people who had sacrificed themselves on the land of Sandakan during the war period. It is a place which you can learn more of one of the worst memories in Sandakan, as well as the meaningful and bittersweet stories behind the sacrificial of the people at that moment of time.

The Sandakan Memorial Park is also very well maintained and preserved, thanks to the effort of the local government and the local people. Upon stepping into the place, you will instantly feel the peace and calmness while being surrounded with the green environment; and constantly, you will also hear the chirping of the birds, as though they are welcoming you to the place. The beautiful landscape of the place suggests that it is also a great place for you to capture meaningful photos so as to serve as remembrance for your exploration to the place.

There is also a small museum situated in the memorial park which can serve greatly in helping you to understand more of the history in Sandakan. The various exhibitions in the museum can help further the elaboration of the history in the place, in which they will give you a better idea on the stories by helping you to form a clearer picture instead of your mere imagination.

You will also find different historical artifacts still being preserved by the local government in the museum, which most of these artifacts have a very long history dated back to the war period. The Commemorative Pavilion gives you a wide view of the environment which you can instantly observe the whole place in one glance. This place is guaranteed to be one of the most beneficial places for you to visit, especially if you are having a strong passion towards the history of Sandakan.

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