Signal Hill Observatory PlatformWhen you are to visit a state in Malaysia, it is definitely a must for you to check out the awesome surroundings and environments, which the local people and the local government are very keen to protect and preserve. Thus, if you are to visit Sabah, be sure to catch sight of the wonderful well preserved Mother Nature. One place for you to do so is through the Signal Hill Observatory Platform located in Kota Kinabalu.

The observatory platform is the highest point you can find in your city, which gives you an instant whole view of the entire Kota Kinabalu Town in one glance. Thus, if you intend to capture this whole view of the town under your eyes, this is the place you have to go. Besides of the small cars and busy cities which you will be able to observe, you can also find the platform being surrounded by green trees and mountains which will give you a combination of both a busy and a peaceful atmosphere in the same time.

If you look far enough, you can even see the deep blue ocean far ahead which gives you a complete view of a combination on the sea, the forest, and the city. It is recommended for you to visit the platform in broad daylight, which you will also find other passionate viewers hovering over the edge of the platform while immersing in the beautiful view one can see on the platform. It is also a great opportunity for you to capture more pictures which will help you retain the memory of your visit to the state.

There are absolutely no charges required for you to visit the place. You can always choose the time you wish to visit the place up to your own convenience. Visiting the platform early in the morning will grant you to chance to witness a view of the beautiful sunrise while you breath in the cool and relaxing breeze; if you are to visit the platform in the evening, you can also get to witness the jaw-dropping sunset view when the colors or red and purple blanket the whole city of Kota Kinabalu.

The Signal Hill Observatory Platform is definitely a good place for one to relax for a while before they head out for more exploration in the town or even after they had spent their entire day discovering more secrets of the place. It is a place which you can obtain an overview of one of the core towns in the state of Sabah.

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