St. Michael’s and All Angels ChurchThere are many different historical buildings with extraordinary stories which you can find in the state of Sabah. Besides, it will definitely be a meaningful trip if you are able to visit these important buildings so that you can know more of Sabah. If you are planning to do so, one of the recommended historical buildings for you to visit in Sabah is St. Michael’s and All Angels Church located in Sandakan.

It is important to note that the church is the oldest building you can find in the state of Sabah. Judging from this fact, you would expect to discover a lot of stories about Sabah from the church which had been standing tall when different occurrences – sweet and bitter – took place in the location. And if you are finding for a place which had witnessed all these extraordinary and priceless incidents, this is the church you are looking for.

Bearing a hundred years history, you will also find the building structure of the church being different and unique as compared to the other buildings in its surrounding. For your knowledge, the building had gone through various face lifting, in which the building materials for the building are imported from different foreign countries such as Hong Kong and New Zealand. However, despite the fact that the church contains a mixed element of the foreign countries, you will also find that certain local traditional cultures are also being implanted in this building, making it a huge combination of global cultures.

St. Michael’s and All Angels Church interiorWhen you are visiting the St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, be sure to put close attention to the details of the building structure. The stained glass windows are especially remarkable. The windows were actually donated by the Australians many years ago when the church had sustained serious damage from the World War II. Thus, looking at the windows, you will also obtain the chance to witness mixed elements of the Australians’ and the local Malaysians’ building designs, which are incorporated perfectly with the overall design of the church.

Upon stepping into the church, you will also be instantly immersed in the different settings and atmosphere in the church which gives you a huge contrast of the surroundings and atmosphere you experience in the cities and villages in the state of Sabah. Here, it is not hard to feel the historical stories which are being embedded in the church, allowing you to have a whole new perspective on the timeline went through by the land of Sabah and its residents.

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