St Peter's ChurchMelaka is Malaysia’s historical city. It is a must visit state when having vacation in Malaysia for its rich culture and heritage destinations it has to offer. If you are a culture enthusiast, Melaka is just the right vacation destination for you. The state is home to many historical sites dating back as early as the 1500s and each site tells an interesting tale that allows visitors to gain a better insight into this historical land.

Old Architecture

Do consider visiting St Peter’s Church. The church has typical old century architecture and is a great place to consider worshiping if you are looking for a good church to go. The numerals on the church tower bear the numbers 1710 which implies that the church was founded in this year. However, it is said that the real date of the opening of the church is unclear till this day. As with most other churches, the church has erected a large cross in its compound. Back in the day when foreign powers ruled, the shifting of powers brought about great change. When the Dutch came into power, most of the Portuguese Catholics were persecuted. It was only later on that the Dutch began to loosen their grip. The Dutch kindly Donated a piece of land which is now the foundation of the St Peter`s Church grounds.


St Peter's Church statueWhen you are visiting the church, do look out for the statue of Mary. St Peter’s church also has a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This statue was only installed in the 1900s. As with most old churches, the stain glass windows are an exceptionally brilliant sight. In St Peter’s church, the glass windows in the building depict the scenes in the life of Jesus Christ from the time he was a babe all the way to his sacrifice on the cross. At the center and front of the church, is the pulpit. Good Friday is a big deal here. Devotees from around the world come here to venerate the Lord. There will then be a Palm Sunday procession where devotees will carry the cross and statuses of Mary who is believed to be the mother of sorrows.

St Peter's Church bellThe icon of every old church is the church bell. It hangs in the belfry and rings even till this day. The bell is definitely a work of art and has been in scripted with the words of the Annunciation. This bell is definitely a very old one; being made in the early 1600s and was brought from Goa to this church.

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