There are many memorable stories in the state of Sabah which are definitely worth knowing when you are in your attempt to discover more of Sabah’s secrets. Many warriors and heroes had risked their lives and some had even sacrificed their own lives to protect their very own country and land; thus, by learning more about them, it serves as a good opportunity for us to know more of their heroics tales and in the same time, enhance our own self values through these remarkable tales. These heroes should never be forgotten, and by this, if you happen to stop by Beaufort during your vacation schedule, be sure to visit the Starevich Memorial, remembering the endless effort and stories of one Private Thomas Leslie Starveich, whose bravery had become a story never to be forgotten by the local citizens of the city.

The Starevich Memorial is a small place. If you are not careful, you might just accidentally missed out the place even when you had just passed by the memorial. However, it is also important to note that although the memorial is not something humongous and obvious from the naked eyes of the tourists and visitors, the memorial holds important and precious meanings behind the stone, which had touched many of the locals’ hearts.

Surrounded by green forests and grasses, the Starevich Memorial is located in a place quiet enough for you to reminisce on the courageous acts of Private Thomas Leslie Sarveich during the war period. Not many people had the courage to stand right up to their enemies, let alone rushing into the war fire with the intention to save as many innocent people as possible from the war zone.

It is also important to note that the warrior behind the memorial had also assisted in providing help for the local people in the land although he is a person travelled into the country from a foreign land totally different from the locals. The willingness of Private Thomas Leslie Sarveich in lending a helping hand to the locals despite their differences also prove a sincere attempt to cross over the culture boundaries, which was made harder from the war period. Visiting the Starevich Memorial will not only provide you with an insight on the courageous acts and hard times went through my the locals during the war time, it will also enhance your knowledge on the cross cultures attempt by people from many different places at that moment of time.

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