Pahang State MuseumMalaysia has fourteen states for tourists to choose from. If you are here in Malaysia for vacation, why not visit the state of Pahang. This state is the largest state in the Peninsular of Malaysia and is the ultimate destination for those who love a holiday surrounded natures best in reserve parks. Pahang is also known for its top class marine environment and beautiful sun-kissed beaches that showcase some of the most spectacular views and sunsets. However, Pahang does also offer some of the best of culture and heritage displays in the form of palaces, museums and memorial halls.

The Pahang State Museum is a great place to start your tour of the state. The museum looks and sounds very bland but it houses some of the best treasures of the state of Pahang. Opening its doors to showcase the unique artifacts and heritage of the state in 1976, the museum is a great place to get a glimpse of the history of Malaysian history; Pahang style.

The museum has a room modeled after the real bedroom of the Pahang royal family. It certainly is a unique experience to see how a royal bedroom looks like. The museum also has an exhibit that showcases the old spears and swords that were used by the local heroes of that time when the British ruled. Visitors can also see some of the old-fashioned tools that were used by the people back in the day. All the artifacts have been well-labelled and properly explain the use and function of each tool. Also a feature of the museum is the exhibit that tells the story of the state of Pahang from the time its royal family was formed, through each foreign power’s attempt to take over the state and colonize it to the many victories and struggles of the state in becoming a peaceful and developed state for its people.

Lining the walls of the museum are some never seen before pictures of the royal pictures that give visitors a rare glimpse of the life of the members of the royal family of Pahang. The photographs date as far back as the time during the British Colonial days and exhibit how Pahang has developed from what it was then to what it is today. Another must see feature in the Pahang State Museum is the treasures that divers have recovered from Chinese ships. The treasure includes many artifacts, utensils used on board the ship and photographs.