Sabah is one state in Malaysia for you to equip yourself with all the knowledge and hidden secrets of the local cultures and beliefs. If you intend to dip into the culture well of the locals, one ideal place for you to visit would be the Tamu Keningau, which is a place in which you will find yourself be exposed to all kinds of culture elements presented by the locals in their own creative ways.

In here, you will especially be surprised with the amount of goods the locals present to you, most of them handmade with their very own traditional local skills. Besides, this place is also well-known for its handwoven goods which you must not miss purchasing as a remembrance of the visit to the place while possessing something unique to be put in your house in order to enhance the atmosphere of your rooms.

Apart from that, you might also be surprised to know that the Tamu Keningau was also well-known as being the main producer of cinnamon in the past. Thus, this place is definitely one of the places you will find in Sabah possessing great history and culture elements to be further explored. You might even obtain some unexpected harvest once you start your exploration in the place.

To give you a head start, the Tamu Keningau consists of two tamu – or more well-known as market – which you can take your time exploring. However, before you start planning your schedule, it is important to note that the different tamu takes place in different time. The first tamu is usually held on Thursdays in Bingkor whereas you will find the other tamu on Sundays in the Pekan Keningau. Thus, by knowing the exact place and time these tamu will be available, it will definitely help you better with your exploration and visit to the tamu.

Here, you will get the golden opportunity to witness the traditional interaction between the sellers, traders, and their customers in the tamu. These interactions may differ greatly with the usual interaction you see in your own country and the experience is definitely a great treasure to be possessed. Besides, you will also get to purchase the handmade products produced by the local people with their first-hand traditional skills which you may not be able to obtain anywhere else. The handmade products will definitely add color to your rooms when you display them in a place in which your visitors will be able to observe closely when they stop by your house.

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