Tamu KudatWhen you are on vacation in Sabah, one of the best ways to fully utilize the trip is by dropping by the local markets in which you will be able to learn more of the local culture and the local traditions in a close distance. In Sabah, there are many local markets which you can choose to venture in. If you are clueless on which local market to get your gears started, one of the best recommended local markets you can consider visiting is the Tamu Kudat.

Here, it is no surprise that you will be buried with a huge variety of local made products. All of these products are unique in their own ways and it is especially important for you to keep a look out on the skills use in carving the products. It is also good to remember that these products are usually produced with handmade skills; thus, making the products more memorable and special, not only to the local people, but also to foreigners and visitors of the town like you.

The Tamu Kudat is also a place where traders and buyers gather together to get their businesses done. Thus, you would notice huge pack of people accumulating in certain areas in which they negotiate and talk about their business. If you have any enquiries, feel free to speak up to them and they will most definitely return your question with a smile and a sincere answer hoping to clear your doubts. Pay attention to their interaction as well because these are opportunities to know more of the locals’ daily lifestyle in the most natural way. And it can definitely help you learn better than having to learn from any media such as the television or newspaper.

However, if you are in the local market, you must not miss out the well-known local product as well. The fresh vegetables, fishes, and fruits are especially famous in the market. These food are mostly produced by the local people themselves and upon eating them, you would definitely feel the effort they had poured into taking care of the food so that others will have a chance to enjoy the freshness of the food.

Also, you might be interested with the local handmade product as well, which the locals had also put in a lot of effort so that the end product will appear unique and amusing. You can purchase some of these products home as a remembrance to your visit to Sabah and in the same time, adding more colors and unique meanings to your house.

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