Tawau Hills ParkMother Nature is Earth’s precious treasure we should always try our best to preserve. The local government and local people of Sabah had been trying their very best to protect and preserve the Mother Nature for as long as we can remember. Thus, if you are to visit Sabah, be sure to witness with your very own eyes the effort the local government and the local people poured in to protect this nature of the Earth. The one place which you can start off is the Tawau Hills Park, located in Tawau.

Upon reaching the place, you will find yourself being instantly immersed in a very green environment which will make you feel even closer to the nature than you usually are. Breath in the fresh air and smell the freshness of the green plants surrounding you. This is a chance you will not obtain often, judging on the fact that you always spend most of your time in the big city with the huge buildings and busy streets distorting and blocking your view of the beautiful nature.

Tawau Hills Park frogIn order to get closer with the Mother Nature, there are also various activities you can attempt to conduct when you are in the park. It is highly recommended for you to visit the park with your friends and family to share the enjoyment of being immersed in the precious Mother Nature. Here, you can start off by having a picnic session in the park in which you can grab the chance for more bonding session with your love ones; or you can also camp in the park to be further immersed in the green environment while obtaining a thrilling experience of spending the night out with the wildlife.

If you are interested with the different flora species in Sabah, the Tawau Hills Park is also the perfect place for you to venture in. You can find a lot of labels as you explore the park, which helps you in enhancing your knowledge on the plant species being preserved in the park. Here, you can even get the chance to witness some rare flora species such as the Elephant Ear’s Orchid which you would not get to see elsewhere.

Various fauna species also stroll around the place. It would not be surprising for you to catch a glimpse of the giant tree squirrels, and even various monkey species when you are exploring the park. There are also clean rivers in the park for you to have a good swim which you can wash away your tiredness and sweat after a good day of exploration in the park.

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