Seven Wells WaterfallFeeling the arriving of the holiday seasons is always one of the most anticipated and most exciting moments one can feel. Holiday seasons also indirectly bear the meaning of allowing one to leave his/her pressured and stressed workload behind, while taking a short break from everything and allowing him/herself to enjoy during this short period of time. If you are crossing your vacation spots checklist off and realizes that you are looking for an affordable and meaningful vacation with either your love ones, or your friends, the Seven Wells Waterfall might just be the ideal choice for you.

The Seven Wells Waterfall in the Langkawi Island is often admired as Langkawi’s most beautiful waterfall. Apart from the amazing landscape that contributes to the fascinating beauty of the waterfall, the Seven Wells Waterfall is also famous for its legendary stories associated with the beauty of the waterfall. The legend that makes the Seven Wells Waterfall unique is the story in which it is believed that this waterfall is the location in which Faries visit and bath due to the beauty of the waterfall. The name of the Seven Wells Waterfall is also obtained with the fact of having seven waterfalls to flow into one another and thus, creating seven pools on the face of the hill.

Besides of visiting the Seven Wells Waterfall and to look at this legendary waterfall up-close, you can also take this chance to relax yourself by lifting away all your stressful workload from your office and throwing them all into the pure and clear water at the base of the waterfall, in which you will be able to soak your feet into the cold water and enjoy the feeling of having the waterfall’s water to rush over your feet. Furthermore, it would be a great playing spot for children as well in which they would be able to enjoy themselves with each other with the splashing of water and in the same time, they would be able to enjoy the beauty of mother nature, which is definitely a precious life experience for the children to continue preserving the mother nature in the future.

Seven Wells Waterfall monkeyApart from the main attraction at the Seven Wells Waterfall – the waterfall – you can also expose yourself to the beauty of the mother nature by indulging yourself in the greenness of the surrounding with playful macaque monkeys as well as adorable squirrels who might just sit next to you seeking for food when you are enjoying your bonding sessions with your families and your friends. For bird-lovers, you can also obtain the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the famous hornbill and also other unique birds in the country. The frequent silence of the environment will allow you to feel the touch of Mother Nature when you can now hear the sound of the wind, the cackling sounds made by birds, and also the splashing water made by the water rushing down from the waterfall. These are all sounds that you would never be able to hear in the busy cities and in the same time, they can also help you reinforce your memory about the importance of mother nature.

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