Gunung Arong Recreational ForestThe Gunung Arong Recreational Forest is located at the Mersing-Endau road. The beautiful forest of shady trees that make up the gorgeous natural beauty of the forest is completed with its sparkling clear waters of the stream running through the forest all god-sent just for visitors to enjoy refreshingly with relaxing sensations. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest is a much popular camp site for tree-lovers who are looking for a beautifully divine place to set up camp with fellow campers or families.


The recreational forest is a museum on its own with its different shades and layers of green surrounding the area. The forest is also a perfect area for picnic activities where it is also equipped with a playground for little children to enjoy whilst their visit. enjoy setting up by the riverside to enjoy the sounds of light rushing waters and the smell of fresh water. For visitors looking for an adventurous discovery, jungle trails are also provided for visitors to head on to a journeyed discovery and for those who have a love for photography to capture the beauty of its nature through their lens.

The Forest

Gunung Arong Recreational Forest floraThe forest isn’t just equipped with its nature but also for mandatory uses, the forest has built in dressing rooms, toilets as well as treetop huts. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest is one of the must visit tourist spots in Johor as its true beauty has a charm of its own with its unique sight, smell and sound of nature. The feel of the recreational forest keeps visitors feeling cozy and have a huge admiration for its nature.

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