National History MuseumHistory is what defines a nation’s future and outcomes. A country without a history is a country of madmen-as George Santayana put in aptly. Malaysia certainly is not a country of madmen although sometimes one may think otherwise when on the roads in Malaysia. Malaysians are proud as the nation has a rich history especially one that features a peaceful independence and union of diversity.

The National History Museum showcases the nation’s evolution in time from the time it gained its independence, through each success to what it is today. The museum is also the place where research, recording and publication are carried out. If you have no background on the history of the nation, fret not because the museum has guided tours that will keep you well informed about every event that is being displayed through the real artifacts or sometimes an exact replica.

National History Museum displaySome must see items that are on display here are the 40, 000 year old human skulls found in the paleolitik age and from the metal age that was a part of the pre-history of the nation. An interesting display is the weapons and tools of the prehistoric humans. These weapons are so old yet so well preserved and it is always amazing to be able to see these types of displays here. The museum is also home to a permanent exhibit of a more than 500 million year old sandstone. There is also a bronze statue of an 8 armed Buddhist Avalokitesvara. It was found in a tin mine in the state of Perak. Also on display is a mural of one of the national heroes of the Melaka sultanate: Hang Tuah. A replica of the Bujang Valley which was discovered years back by some archaeologist is displayed here in the museum.

During the Japanese occupation, the building was occupied by the Japanese as a center for telecommunications. Some of their equipment can be found here at this museum. For instance, their uniforms, transportation like bicycles and even some documents are on display here.

The National History Museum is a must see if you are in the city. It is a window to fully capture the history and legends that define our nation. History may be dull in the classrooms and in the text books but the museum certainly makes sure that your visit here will not be a dull one.

The National History Museum located in the Kuala Lumpur city is a must see museum if you decide to go museum hoping in the city. Hop on board the LRT train services on the Kelana Jaya line and alight at KL Central. You will then have to walk for half a kilometer to the museum. The Rapid KL bus numbered 115 goes to the museum from the KL central station if you would rather not walk. A convenient transportation is the KL Hop in Hop off bus that will stop at the number 12 bus stop. Do note that the museum is opened from 9am to 6pm every day except on public holidays. There are admission fees for very reasonable and affordable price.

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