A surfer enjoying the wonderful natural phenomenon (Photo credit: sarawakupdate.com.my)

Tidal Bore is locally known as Benak by the people in Sarawak. The special thing about it is there are only 50 of such natural occurrence in the world and the one in Sarawak is placed the 4th on the list of the world’s “Top 10 Tidal Bores”. This Tidal Bore occurs monthly and each massive high-tide is known as the “King Tide”. As the tidal waves rushes up the river, the force causes it to reverse its flow resulting in a tidal bore. This unique phenomenon is celebrated by a carnival which is held every year. The highlights of this event include Benak a beauty pageant, food fair, a regatta, surfing, water sports, culture and art performances, as well as hot air balloon rides.

Event: Tidal Bore Carnival 

Venue: Tebingan Sungai Batang Lupar, Sri Aman, Sarawak

Date: May, 2014