Tioman Airport is a short take-off and landing airport designed to accommodate smaller aircraft. It is located next to Tekek Village on Tioman Island, off the coast of Pahang state. Its IATA code is “TOD”, and ICAO code is “WMBT”.

How to travel between Tioman Airport and various villages in Tioman

Tioman Island surrounding is made up of villages, forests, beaches, bays, the airport, jetties, and resorts. Tioman Island is part of the marine park together with other small islands nearby. Passengers can travel between the airport and Tioman Island surrounding by:

By car/jeep:

Road on the island is limited. There is a stretch between Berjaya Resort and Air Batang, passing by the airport and Tekek Village. Cars (unofficial taxis) may charge RM20 for one-way travel from airport to Tekek jetty. Airport transfers are usually pre-arranged with the resorts. There is a jungle trek linking Tekek on the West to Juara on the East. Passengers can travel by jeep on this jungle trek, which costs around RM60 one-way. Passengers may also want to try a new road linking these 2 villages by car, which costs around RM35 one-way.

By boat/ferry:

For resorts in other villages (other than Tekek), passengers need to travel by boat or ferry. The most popular ferry service is the Bluewater ferry serving the Mersing – Tioman – Mersing route. One-way trip takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, stopping at Genting, Paya, Tekek, Air Batang, Panuba, and Salang. One-way fare is RM35 for adult and RM30 for child. For night trip, i.e., between 7 pm and 7 am, one-way fare for adult is RM45 and for child RM40. Alternatively, passengers can engage speedboat, which costs RM20-60 for a one-way trip.

By foot:

There are jungle treks and / or concrete paths linking one village to another. Adventurous passengers can walk / trek between Tekek and Juara, Tekek and Air Batang, Air Batang and Monkey Bay, as well as Monkey Bay and Salang.

Airlines served by Tioman Airport:

Tioman Airport offers direct connectivity to Subang Airport in Malaysia, as well as Singapore’s Changi Airport. Berjaya Air is the only airline operating from the airport currently.