Tun Mustapha GalleryEvery country has its very own history and stories they are proud of. Same goes to Sabah. When you are visiting a country, it is common knowledge for one to explore more of the local cultures and history in order to enhance their traveling experience in the specific country. If you intend to learn more of Sabah’s history and culture, one of the places you must not miss is the Tun Mustapha Gallery located in Kota Kinabalu.

There are many historical figures in the history of Sabah which contributes a lot in protecting the honor of the land of Sabah many, many years ago. This gallery is a gallery established with the sole aim to honor the once visionary leader of the country – Tun Mustapha. Tun Mustapha has been fighting for the freedom of the state without the fear of death and any threats that are pointed towards him in the attempt in doing so.

Upon stepping into the gallery, you will instantly feel yourself being indulged in a time traveling machine, in which you will be going through a chronicle of the life of Tun Mustapha, which is both inspiring and respectable, especially by the local people. There are also many historical items related to Tun Mustapha that you will find in the gallery such as his personal artifacts as well as his tailored-made suit. All these items hold great memories to the inspiring leader of the state and are all well-preserved by the local government as well as the local people up till today.

Tun Mustapha Gallery musical instrumentsIn the same time, while going through Tun Mustapha’s life, you will also realize that not only he is an inspiring leader with great visions and aspiration; he is also a talented man, especially in music. You can catch a glimpse of his violin collections in the gallery, all of which are also well-maintained and protected by the locals in honor to his memory. There are also a few stories which you can discover in the gallery related to his musical talent along with the remarkable life stories that had saved his life numerous times.

Before you leave the Tun Mustapha Gallery, remember to also capture a few pictures of the unique building structure which are built with the traditional local building concept. There is also a souvenir shop in which you can purchase some handmade items back to your hometown as a remembrance of your visit as well as of the inspiring leader of Sabah.

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