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Day 2:

We walked around after we had our breakfast and managed to shot some photos on the beautiful flowers in Sibu Island.

Morning 1

There are still many other resorts behind the village in Sibu Island. However, my desire of  having fun in swimming has driven me to jump right from the jetty. My friends did go and have the opportunity to snap a photo of the deer… so nice!

On the other hand, I saw people fishing at the jetty. There was an uncle brought back his booty:

Morning 2

The time passes so fast. After we had our lunch, we had to packed and leave this lovely place…

Morning 3

There comes the end of the 2D1N trip in Sibu Island. It feels like the trip is so short but we had so much fun. I have even forgotten about the work stress during the moment, so relaxing.

At least short trip is better than stoning at home 🙂

Trip report by: Amos Chia

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