Day 1 | Day 2

Destination: Pulau Sibu, Johor
Travel duration: 2 days 1 night

Pulau Sibu (Sibu Island) is a small island off the coast of Johor well known for its crystal clear water and white sandy beach. With a few small resorts operating on the island and thanks to its close proximity with Johor and Singapore, Sibu Island is popular for a weekend getaways among locals and Singaporeans.

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Day 1

After we woke up, we headed to the Tanjung Leman jetty.

10am: The embarkation time at Sibu is 10am and it is suggested to reach earlier (just in case you have headed the wrong way)

Sibu Jetty 1

Once we have found the person-in-charge, we quickly board on the speedboat. Lets Go!

Sibu Jetty 2

We have reached Sibu Coconut Village after about 15 minutes journey.

Sibu Jetty 3

10.30am: Reached the village and notified by the kitchen staffs that lunch time will be at 12pm. I didn’t manage to shoot any photos of the room because it’s so poorly equipped (plain bed, no air-condition, no individual bathroom, no water heater).

The clear weather and sea water make me feel more relaxing during the trip!

Sea View 1

Our friends couldn’t wait any longer to have fun in the beach.

Sea View 2
Sea View 3 Sea View 4

There were flowers grown on the cliff nearby from the resort.

Cliff 1

There’s a Malay Kampung behind the Village (it’s also a resort). However, it is surprising that I didn’t see any tourist over there.

Village 1
It feels nice walking here while enjoying the breeze. The jetty at the Malay Kampung.
Village 2 Village 3

It’s so comfortable walking on the beach of the Malay Kampung.

Pulau Sibu

It’s the hidden garden in the Malay Kampung.

Village 5

We found out there’s a rocky road that could lead us to the hill top. Perhaps we were lack of consistent workout, it’s quite difficult for us to walk up to the hill. However, when we reached and saw the view… It’s stunningly beautiful!

Village 6

I took some photos from the jetty while waiting for my lunch:

Pulau Sibu Jetty

The fishes below the jetty, you can see how clear is the water in Pulau Sibu.

Jetty 2

After our lunch, we saw the group at the next table were playing jet ski. It’s pretty cool and I am planning to try it out for my next trip.

Jetty 3
Rented a goggle and fins for RM15 before we went snorkelling. Passed by these unknown islands:
Snorkelling 1 Snorkelling 2
As I do not have a diving camera, I’m failed to show the underwater world over here.
But I could tell the coral reefs is Sibu is definitely the gems of the sea.
Snorkelling 3
We have to leave due to the tide and went to the “Ah Huat Kelong” for fishing and hi-tea.
The signboard directs people to set the unwanted fish free back to the sea.
Snorkelling 4 Snorkelling 5
The benefit fishing using Kelong is you could get many fishes at one go:
Snorkelling 6
 When we went back to the village, it’s the low tide moment.
 Thus, we lend a fish net from the village to catch some crabs and we found sea cucumber:
Snorkelling 7 Snorkelling 8

Unfortunately, it has started to rain and all of us rushed back to the land. I’m more worried that my camera will be damaged. So, I kept it and only focusing to enjoy my dinner at 6pm.

When we were having dinner, I found a ray of orange light. My friend then told me: “Hey… It’s sunset!” I turned and looked, the sunset is so beautiful! I immediately took out the camera and shoot a series of photos:

Pulau Sibu sunset

The sunset at the jetty is beautiful:

Pulau Sibu sunset

When the night comes, it’s time to sing karaoke at the Village. Of course, there will also be drinking and chitchatting session:

Sunset 4 Sunset 5

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