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Destination: Mulu National Park, Sarawak
Travel duration: 3 days 2 nights
Departure from: Miri, Sarawak

Departing from Miri and we spent less than 30 minutes to reach this beautiful land – Mulu.
The airport is not 100% modernized. Manpower is still needed for the luggage transfer.
Airport 1 Airport 2

There’s airport transfer provided if you’re dealing with the tour agency. Else, you might need the cab’s service because there isn’t any public transport in Mulu. We stayed at Benarat Lodge (RM80/night) where it’s opposite the Royal Mulu Resort. It’s considered simple and clean for a room (2 pax) with the personal toilet.

Benarat Lodge
The restaurant of the Benarat Lodge is not air-conditioned. It’s all about fan and the natural breeze.
Benarat Lodge restaurant
This is our first lunch. Looks great? There are other 6 foreigners enjoy the lunch with us.
Lodge 3

The Royal Mulu Resort is just right opposite of our lodge’s restaurant. From the photo, that shows the resort’s bar and karaoke room. Our beer costs only RM9 per can and its costs RM25 per can. See the difference?

Lodge 4

Saw a gigantic lizard on our way back to the room. Compare with the door, is it big enough for you?

Lodge 5

We lingered around before we started our itinerary at 2pm. Coincidentally,we saw the villagers were rushing to build a dragon boat to take part in the dragon boat competition which held 4 years once  in August. This boat could load 30 people. Do notice that the wood has no joint. Won’t it be hard to find a real tall tree to saw the 30 plus meters long wood?

Lodge 6

These are the boats that the villagers use to fetch the tourists.

Lodge 7

Every tourists who wish to visit the Mulu National Park have to register themselves at the park’s office. Unfortunately, it rained when we were about to depart. Thus, the tour guide suggested us to stay at Rest House to wait for the rain to stop.

The drawbridge to the park’s office
Park 1 Park 2
The Rest House has many facilities such as rooms, restaurants, gallery and etc.
Park 3 Park 4
 The air-conditioned gallery  The corridor outside the restaurant
Park 5 Park 6
The tour guide was briefing us about the rules before we depart.
Start 1
Beware of worms and insects at the railing Small buds grow on the moss after the rain.
Start 2 Start 3
What a gorgeous creature! – The blue dragonfly.
Start 4
This 3.8km pathway will lead us to the Deer & Lang caves. This is the pit stop for tourist to wait for the bats. Depending on your luck and usually bats fly out from the cave starting from 5.30pm.
Start 5 Start 8
There’s another way to Mulu Summit (24km) and it takes about 3 days. It’s not that easy to complete the journey.
Start 6

The stalactites that’s formed from the limestone come in various shapes.

Lang 1

There are water dripping from the stalactites, so it’s still quite damp. Does this look like a jelly fish?

Lang 2

When the tourists are visiting the cave, be sure to stay within the pedestrian path. This is to avoid the visitors will accidentally ruined the stalactites.

After visiting the Lang Cave, we walked for about 100m to the Deer Cave. You will actually realize that the rocks and stalactites of both caves are actually quite similar.

Deer 1

The President Lincoln statue that we are familiar with could be found in Deer Cave. You could only see this from one direction.

Deer 2

Note! That light ray you saw is actually the water flowing down from the top. It’s interesting to watch a natural shower stickpin gout and have water flowing.
Deer 3 Deer 4

5:30pm is the time the bats fly out from the cave. There’s a pattern whereby the bats will first fly in circular motion and form a line to fly out. The whole session last about  1 hour and the scene is so spectacular.

We could only visit 2 caves during the first day in Mulu National Park . For not wasting the tourists’ time, the tour agency usually encourage them to reach Mulu before 12noon and depart to the Lang & Deer Cave at 2pm. Then, watch the bats from the cave at 5pm + and before walking back to the Park’s HQ.