Spa Village @ Ritz Carlton Hotel

This oasis in bustling Bukit Bintang was names “Best Hotel Spa” at the 2011 Malaysia Spa and Wellness Award, while its parent company won the “Best Spa Group” category. Spa Village prides itself on offering a unique fusion of Eastern and Western practices, and of ancient and modern techniques. Its innovative approach extends to the […]

Telaga Bunga Spa @ Royale Chulan Hotel

Telaga Bunga spa at Royale Chulan hotel

Telaga Bunga Spa combines ancient Malay and Javanese holistic techniques, with fresh approaches, to provide a wide choice of treatments. These include massages, scrubs, wraps and skincare. Treatments are available individually, or as part of spa packages. There are private massage rooms, both for singles and couples, a foot massage room, and a VIP suite. […]

Swasana Spa @ Impiana KLCC

Swasana Spa Impiana KLCC

Aimed primarily at busy visitors, this is one of the best value of KL’s 5 star hotel spas. Swasana places particular emphasis on the sensual and healing properties of Asian spices. More than just pampering, its treatments are designed to purify and rejuvenate, as well as to help achieve bodily balance and inner serenity. Swasana […]

Mandara Spa @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel

Mandara spa at KL sheraton imperial

Mandara – a global chain of upmarket spas – has three outlets in Kuala Lumpur: The Renaissance Hotel, Prince Hotel & Residence and the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. All offer a wide range of spa choices of individual treatments and packages, including the signature Mandara Massage (a combination of 5 different techniques). Mandara uses approaches from […]

Hammam Spa @ Bangsar Village

Hammam Spa at Bangsar Village

The name Hammam is Turkish for a traditional communal bath house. They are similar to saunas, but rely on water, rather than ambient steam. Apart from the core bathing experience, Hammam also offers a number of other treatments, such as gommage (a rigorous exfoliating body scrub technique), massages, body polishes, and facials. There are a […]

Sompoton Spa @ Istana Hotel

Sompoton Spa at Istana hotel

Located in some of the KL’s leading hotels, Sompotan Spa aims to offer a “spa escape in the city”, for both locals and visitors. Although the various outlets share the same overall ethos, as well as the same high standards, each has its own character. In terms of treatments, Sompoton is best known for its […]

Energy Day Spa @ Great Eastern Mall

Energy Day Spa

Energy Day Spa was founded by Datin Ramona Suleiman, one of the most respected members of Malaysia’s wellness industry. Over the past decade, she has been a prime mover in incorporating holistic healing principles into spa treatments in KL. As well as alternative techniques like reiki and Japanese acupuncture, Energy Day Spa offers a range […]

Anggun Spa @ Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur

Anggun spa hotel maya

This boutique spa located in Hotel Maya combines pampering, with holistic treatments, in private rooms. The treatments are divided into three categories: complete therapy (combinations of several treatments, with an overall theme, such as detoxing); bath and body treatments (single treatment such as full body wraps); and massage therapy (using various approaches, from healing stones […]

Tanamera Wellness Spa @ Sooka Sentral

Tanamera Wellness spa

Part of a small Malaysian chain of spas, Tanamera focuses on traditional Malay holistic treatments, rather than the more commonly seen Thai or Balinese techniques. Its overall aim is to keep alive the age old holistic methods. Tanamera offers an innovative selection of individual treatments, from body massages to facial scrubs, as well as combination […]

Angsana Spa @ Crowne Plaza Mutiara

Angsana Spa offers much needed pampering, after a busy day of shopping, sightseeing or business meetings. It has a whole range of massages, including three signature treatments, as well as facials, body polishes and conditioners. Many of these are available as individual treatments, others as part of packages. There are also packages which are tailor […]