Long Thien Shih Solo Exhibition 2014

If you are an art enthusiast, then you cannot miss this chance to see one of Malaysia’s best artists, Long Thien Shih, and his magnificent artwork during his solo exhibition this June. Long’s artwork has inspired many and his work is truly one of the best. If you are a fan of fine art, then you […]

Aristocratic Passion Traditional Arts Theatre 2014

The Reinvigoration of Bangsawan (Photo By: baktiarnaim.blogspot.com) The Reinvigoration of Bangsawan showcases the nobles’ traditions in Malaysia once in every month.  The word ‘Bangsawan’ refers to the Malay opera which originated from India in the late 19th century. As time passes, Bangsawan which was initially introduced by the Indian Muslim has now developed into the special […]

Anuar Rashid Solo Exhibition 2014

Anuar Rashid is known for his earlier artwork – The Rebel Series Inderapura which were mostly being burnt as a sign of his remonstrance to his senior lecturer and a well revered artists, Mr. Redza Piyadassa. It was being said that the anger of Anuar Rashid towards Mr. Redza Piyadassa was so deep till causing […]

National Craft Fair 2014

The exterior of the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex (Photo By:commons.wikimedia.org) The National Craft Fair 2014 creates a great platform for the local craft entrepreneurs to showcase their creative artworks that incorporate the unique tradition and aesthetics of Malaysia.  As the artworks are handmade by themselves, these have distanced them from the factory product and be […]

Welcome To The Jungle 2014

The Welcome To The Jungle exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art (Photo By: straitstimes.com) Welcome to the Jungle is not an invitation for jungle trekking. It is a joint effort of the Balai Seni Visual Negara (BVSN) and the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) in presenting the contemporary art collection in South East Asia. The artworks that […]