Bank Negara Money MuseumEver wondered how the money is made? Interested in finding out more about money matters, the economy and exploring a place where knowledge matters? The Bank Negara Money Museum in Kuala Lumpur is the place to visit if you are interested in all these. Money can be quite interesting, especially when money moves things on Earth.

The museum is opened every day except on Sundays. On weekends, the museum closes an hour later at 5pm instead of 4pm. Admission is free maybe because it is the money museum. It is the one other place in the city-besides the banks that is chalk full with gold, silver, tin, brass and bank notes.

The money museum is the place that showcases how money has evolved throughout history. Coins and notes displayed here date as far back as the AD years! Some displays are not coins but barter currencies that were used back in the olden days. For instance, beads or the golden chain of cockerels that was the currency of certain states back then. Or maybe Cowrie shells which was used as the currency by the Chinese. There are many fascinating currencies that you will find to be on display here.

The first coins that became the national currency were made from coins and no, you will not find them in any bank or exchange but here, in the money museum. The coins were made into various shapes during those days, depending on the state. The coins made from brass are also on display here. Traders who came here traded in their own currency and can also be found here at the money museum. It will be interesting to see the many older coins from Europe, Japan, France and the Indo-China here on display. These coins are made from either real gold or real silver. The first bank notes came out to the general public in 1898. It was released by the government at that time- the Straits Settlement. Another interesting display that will surely grab your attention is the rubber coupons that were used for export of rubber by the rubber planters or traders during the Great Depresion.

Bank Negara Money Museum Coins displayCoins from other countries that were donated as commemorative coins are also on display. Malaysians will always be proud of the time when the nation hosted the 15th SEA Games of 1989 in the city. If you are in the city and have been using bank notes, you will notice that there is no bank note in circulation for the RM20, 500 and 1000 note. Well, the Bank Negara Money Museum is just the place to go to in order to check out these extinct notes. You will not find them anywhere else.

The museum is located near to the National Bank at Block A along Jalan Dato Onn in the city. You can make your way there either by hailing a cab or by using the KTM Komuter train services. If you take the train services, do alight at the Bank Negara station. Also, another newer train service is the LRT. If you choose this mode of transport instead, alight at the Bandaraya station and then take a short walk to the Money Museum.

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