gombizau honey bee farm sabahBee farms are everywhere, nonetheless, to visit the right bee farm that can offers full cover on the experiences at the bee farm and able to gain knowledge on bees is very rare. Nonetheless, Gombizau honey bee farm able to offer all these benefits. It is situated in Kampung Gombizau in Matonggong, a village that is at the outskirt of the main city, Kudat by 43 kilometers. This bee farm has been founded ten years ago, having been around the area for long time, it has already underline a name for itself, being one of the most well known and worthwhile bee farm around Kudat.

Gombizau bee farm offers many opportunities for the visitors to experience. For instances, the visitors would be able to head down to the bee farm and have a close up at the honeycomb. This helps the visitors to be able to understand better on how the bees do the magic in producing the honey and how the honey is then extracted from the honeycomb. It gives a fresh insight for the visitors as they are able to taste raw honey from the honeycomb itself. Not many Honey Bee farm would allow this opportunity plus you would not be able to taste this from a jar of honey you bought from the supermarket as it has been added with preservatives. Hence, it is a real opportunity that should not be let away as you would not get this kind of opportunity anyway near the city.

Tasting raw honey is something worthwhile and rare for people living in the city. Unlike the people in the city, the locals at Kampung Gombizau practice a culture that they believe that taking raw honey would be able to promote healing and cure diseases. Till today it is a myth that the locals in Kampung Gombizau adhere to.

Not forgetting that Gombizau Honey Bee farm have an area planted with rubber trees. When there are rubber trees, there are sure to be rubber tapping being done to harvest the rubber from the rubber trees for further manufacturing purposes. This is one of Gombizau Bee farm attraction point as well as visitors should drop by and observes how the local workers perform rubber tapping and rubber rolling. This is some of the methods that the local workers use in order to extract the rubber. These method able to see it firsthand would be something different that could not be understood completely from reading a book or seeing a picture of it . To spice it up, if you’re lucky, you would be allow to try rubber tapping and rubber rolling as well. This would put you into the local workers shoes and experience the work of a local worker at Gombizau Honey Bee Farm.

To encapsulate, Gombizau Bee farm offers a range of amazing experiences that you could have. All these experiences could not be found anywhere else but at Gombizau Bee farm. Being a bee farm attracting a wide variety of visitors all around the world, you will definitely be amused with a great atmosphere here, not forgetting the ever friendly and engaging local workers that will care for your every needs and safety throughout your time at the Bee farm. So, if you are traveling by Kudat, Sabah, it is well worth your time to drop by the Gombizau Honey Bee farm and enjoy all these amazing experiences that could not be found anyway near the city life. For the amazing experiences that you could have, it is worth it!

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