Gurun is a small town of Kedah, and despite its name which means Desert in the local Malay language, is far from being a desert biome. Gurun is an agricultural town, well known for producing quality vegetables and corn. It is also one of the only place in Malaysia to have a Longan orchard, which is in high demand and requires booking in advance.

The main tourist attraction in Gurun is Gunung Jerai, once known as Kedah Peak due to it being the highest mountain in the state of Kedah. One can either drive or hike up the hill, and some taxis go all the way up as well. The peak of Gunung Jerai offers an amazing view overlooking the coast of Kedah as well as the brilliant golden paddy fields if you are lucky enough to be there during harvest time.

Attractions in Gurun:
1. Gunung Jerai
Gunung Jerai