Juara Mutiara Resort, Pulau Tioman

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Juara Village is a quiet and peaceful village located on the eastern shore of Pulau Tioman. In Juara, visitors can find the longest stretch of beach on the island with fantastic atmosphere and view. Visitors will find themselves closer to the nature with sun, white sandy beach, crystal clear water and towering coconut tree. It is a perfect destination for retreat, honeymoon and adventures alike holiday.

Juara Mutiara Resort is the largest resort in Juara Village. The resort provides numerous room types built in chalet style set amidst tropical rainforest and along the beach. The resort runs a relatively big convenience shop for daily needs, while the restaurant – facing the beach, serving some of the best local cuisine. The resort also offers all inclusive package to ensure their customer a hassle vacation in Pulau Tioman.

Juara Mutiara Resort Packages:

Room Types:

There are 2 different room types in Juara Mutiara Resort to cater for different needs:

Sea View Chalet:

Features: Air conditioned, sea view, water heater, TV with astro channel

Twin Sharing &Triple Sharing

Garden View Chalet:

Features: Air conditioned, garden view, water heater, TV with astro channel

Quad Sharing


Cafe, souvenir shop, leisure activities counter, mini conference hall, movie hall and etc.

Transportation and Access Information:

Departure Jetty from mainland:

Mersing Jetty, Johor and Tanjung Gemok Jetty, Pahang

Boat departure schedule from Mersing Jetty and Tanjung Gemok Jetty:

Depends on travel date.

Boat departure schedule from Pulau Tioman:

Depends on travel date.

Arrival Jetty in Pulau Tioman:

Tekek Village Jetty

Photos Gallery:

Juara Mutiara Resort Chalet Exterior

Juara Mutiara Resort Chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Quad Sharing Chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Quad Sharing Chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Twin Sharing Chalet

Juara Mutiara Resort Twin Sharing Chalet


Juara Mutiara Resort Chalet Bathroom

The Beach Front Restaurant

Juara Mutiara Resort Restaurant

Souvenir Shop

Juara Mutiara Resort Souvenir Shop

Snorkeling Sessions

Snorkeling in Tioman

Snorkeling in Tioman

Snorkeling in Tioman

Snorkeling in Tioman

Juara Beach

Juara Mutiara Resort Beach

Juara Mutiara Resort Beach

Sunset at Juara Beach

Sunset at Juara Mutiara Resort

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