Kuala Krai is a small town located in the state of Kelantan, and used to be part of the Malaysian tropical rain forest as recent as the 20th Century before being developed to the town that it is today after the introduction of rail road travel.

Place of interest includes the Lata Berangin Waterfall, a local attraction popular among local and foreign tourist. There is a lake called Tasik Krai which many of the local visit for jogging, and it host a variety of water based activities such as kayaking. There is also a bird park called Taman Burung Kuala Krai which has a variety of rare bird species for display. Local night markets are held most nights selling all sorts of food, a unique cultural experience in Malaysia.

The majestic Gunung Stong is also located in Kuala Krai, perfect for those who are looking for a eco adventure exploration.

Kuala Krai:
1. Gunung Stong
Gunung Stong