Lumut is a coastal town located in the state of Perak. Many will be familiar with Lumut as a transfer point to the popular Pangkor Island or Marina Island.

Lumut is the home base of the Malaysian navy, which is one of the most modern in the region. Visitors will be able to spot sub-marines surfacing while en route to Pangkor if they are lucky. Lumut is also a construction site for the biggest naval shipbuilder in Malaysia, the Boustead Naval Shipyard.

The Teluk Batik beach in Lumut is a popular spot for picnic and swimming among the locals. There is also a snorkeling park in Teluk Batik, one of the first inland snorkeling facilities in Malaysia. The Rahmat Maritime Museum is also a unique place to visit, as the museum is actually in a retired warship rather than a regular building. Arrow signs are marked out so that visitors can explore the ship at their own pace.

Attractions in Lumut:
1. Pulau Pangkor
2. Pangkor Laut
Pangkor Island Pangkor Laut