Malaysia Day Tour Trip Report

Desaru, Pengerang, Firefly Day Tour

crocodile world in johor

This is my 2nd trip for Desaru, Pengerang and firefly tour in Johor, the 1st trip was in 2005. Initially we were thinking about self drive but having the fact that there are only 3 of us, the cost can be relatively high. So we decided to join a tour after getting a good package from one of our travel agent friends in Kulai. Read the complete trip report…

Bukit Tabur Hiking Trip

KL city view from Bukit Tabur - east

Enjoy the magnificent sunrise and KL city view from the summit of Bukit Tabur, without having to walk through challenging path. Read the complete trip report…

Setia City Mall Family Trip

Setia City Mall at Night

A great family bonding trip to Setia City Mall. The outdoor garden is beautifully landscaped and the foods in Setia Alam are nice. Everyone enjoyed! Read the complete trip report…

Armenian Street Art Day Trip

Penang street art at Armenian street

We made a visit to Georgetown of Penang from Taiping to see the beautiful street arts at the Armenian Street. This is our first trip to see the street art in Penang although it is been there for quite some time now. Read the complete trip report…


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on Jul 11, 2013