Dayang Bunting LakeThe Dayang Bunting Lake that is on the Dayang Bunting Island itself would be familiar among visitors when their tour guides bring them on a Langkawi island hopping tour. The lake, which is on Langkawi’s second major island, is easily accessible by the boats usually brought by the boatmen. The lake is situated at the middle of the island, surrounded by beautiful flourishing greeneries, making the entire scene seem serene and peaceful.

If the name Tasik Dayang Bunting is translated directly, it generally means ‘Lake of Pregnant Maiden’, which also appears to be the largest lake of Langkawi. Tourists would be wondering about the given name of this lake, but behind this island and lake, there are legends to accompany it. In fact, there are numerous folk stories regarding this island and lake, but nobody really knows which of the stories and legends are true.

The most common fable about this lake is the idea that it has mystical powers that could heal infertility. Well, the legend came about a long time ago when a fairy princess fell in love with a mortal prince. They got married and conceived a child but unfortunately, they lost the child not long after it was given birth. The couple decided to lie to rest the child at the area near the lake, and the fairy princess blessed the lake so that any woman that has complications bearing a child would be able to conceive once she drinks the water from the lake. All this was done to avoid the heartbroken that the fairy princess had once gone through. A continuation to this legend is that, the buried child eventually turned into a white crocodile to guard the lake, and would only appear to those that are sincere at heart.

As of today, when visitors are guided by the tour guides, they would be asked to view the hills that structure the setting of the lake. The tour guides would give details about the shape that is formed which resembles the outline of a pregnant lady that is lying on her back. Many visitors are able to visualize this, and this leads to them believing that the legend might somewhat be true.

Well, true or not, we would not know now, right? Then again, the history as well as the beauty of this lake is what makes Tasik Dayang Bunting so captivating for the tourists, and that is all that matters. Be sure to visit the lake during your tour to Langkawi Island!

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