Pangkor Airport is a short take-off and landing (STOL) airport located on Pangkor Island, off the coast of Perak state. As a STOL airport, Pangkor Airport is designed to accommodate smaller aircraft, mainly for tourists flying into Pangkor Island. The airport’s IATA code is “PKG”, and ICAO code is “WMPA”.

How to travel between Pangkor Airport and Pangkor Town

Pangkor Island is mainly made up of beaches, bays, jetties, the airport, Pangkor Town, and a smaller island named “Pangkor Laut Island”. Passengers can travel between the airport and Pangkor Island surroundings:

By taxi:

Taxi is the only form of public transportation available on the island. Although known as “taxi”, it is actually pink minivan which can accommodate up to 8 passengers. Taxis on Pangkor Island are not metered but are reasonably priced. Expect to negotiate and agree on the fare first before boarding the taxi. One way trip typically costs RM10 to RM15. Passengers can also hire taxi to tour around the island, which costs around RM40 to RM80 for a round island trip.

By car / motorbike rental:

Passengers can find a handful of car and motorbike rental companies on the island. Although most of them do not operate at Pangkor Airport itself, passengers can always pick up / drop off the rented vehicles with the help of taxis. The whole island is only 8 km square in land area; hence the vehicle rental companies cannot be too far away from the airport. Daily rental for sedan and minivan is in the range of RM100 to RM240, motorbike and scooter is in the range of RM35 to RM55.

Airport Transfer:

Most resorts in Pangkor Island provide airport transfer services for their guests. Remember to inform the resort while booking a room and pre-arrange with the resort staff before arriving.

Airlines served by Pangkor Airport:

Pangkor Airport services only 1 airline and 1 destination, namely Subang – Pangkor – Subang operated by Berjaya Air.