Pasir Puteh is a town in the Kelantan state. Pasir Puteh means white sand in the Malay language, named by Sultan Muhammad IV after seeing the shining and unique white sands along its riverbanks.

Local attractions include the Tok Janggut Memorial, which Malaysians will know from their history books. The Kelantan warrior was famous for rebelling against British administrators for imposing tax laws, and his long beard which is the source of his namesake.

There are many beautiful beaches such as Pantai Tok Bali and Pantai Bisikan Bayu along the coast for camping or taking walks and enjoying the sea breeze. There are also many recreation centers such as Jeram Pasu and Jeram Linang which have pools, waterfalls, and mini zoos to relax and unwind.

Attractions in Pasir Puteh:
1. Tok Bali Beach
Tok Bali Beach