Take a two hour drive out of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and head to the quiet state of Perak where many amazing cultural and heritage sites are home to.

Sam Poh Tong is a Buddhist temple that has been engraved into the natural limestone hill here in Perak. It is definitely an interesting site to see. The magnificent outcrop of the limestone hill is definitely something and at night, the temple is lighted up making the place come alive. The structure is so much a part of the lime stone crop here. The Buddhist community have developed and taken good care of the temple to the point that it has become so well regarded and has even become an international tourist destination.

If you are a culture and heritage enthusiast, the temple is definitely a great place to visit to fully understand to culture, traditions and beliefs of the Buddhist community here in Malaysia. Walk through the beautiful pavilion which has been decorated to welcome tourists. The well-landscaped garden has fish swimming in a pond in one part of it and is definitely a beautiful place to take a leisurely stroll as you appreciate the magnificent lime stone crops that outline the sky. It was this park that was deemed the best landscaped garden some nineteen years ago and if you go there today, you can still see why it was given the award.

The statues of Buddha pay their found in the Sam Poh Tong Temple too. It may not the biggest statue of Buddha but it definitely is worth walking along the garden path to see the statue. There are other deities that are housed here in the Sam Poh Tong Temple as well and can be found along the garden path and inside the temple structure that is engraved into the lime stone hill. Devotees pay their respect to certain of their deities here and you can see how they perform this right

Explore the grounds of the temple. If you walk along the pathway, you will find a small opening that leads you to a tortoise pond. Feed the tortoises here that are kept till they are bred with much care here. The tortoises here have been either bought or mostly donated by devotees. Many believe that if you a throw a coin and the coin lands on the tortoise’s back, you will experience good luck.

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