Segamat is the 5th largest town located at the northern region of Johor. The town of Segamat can be separated into 2, commonly known by the locals as Bandar Atas (Uptown) and Bandar Seberang (Crosstown). It is a town with fast growing agricultural oil palm and rubber. There are about 270,000 people living here with majority are the Malays. Segamat is also famous for durians hence it has a name as the land of king of fruits by the locals as well as the visitors.

How to get there

From North-South Expressway, it is about 142 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to Tangkak, then another 55 kilometers via Federal Route 23 to reach Segamat town. If you are coming here by bus, then you will arrive at the Segamat Public Transport Terminal, then from there take a taxi to the town centre. For those of you who prefers to board a bus, you may either hop on the Yow Hoe Bus, North West Johore Bus, Transnational Express, Cepat Express and Damai Express. All of these do provide bus services to Segamat.