Tanjung Tuan LighthouseAs a country with rich historical background, Malaysia is always well-known for its rich culture diversion and also its different religion and races. Within each state in Malaysia lies at least one meaningful historical story that can help reflect to the local people – and even foreigners – on the struggle and determination Malaysians had poured in to protect the country. These historical stories are also the foundation of the unity formed amongst the people in Malaysia today. Between Negeri Sembilan and Melaka lies such story that one must never miss out during their visit to Malaysia.

The Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse, also known as the Cape Rachado Lighthouse, is located in Negeri Sembilan. Being one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse holds many meaningful stories within it that are well-cherished and preserved in the local people’s minds. The story can be dated back to the 26th century when the Portuguese invaded the state of Malacca. It is not hard for one to recognize the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse instantly due to its firm outlook with a fort-like building design.

Your visit to the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse will help you to understand more about the local people’s struggle in the 16th century when they were determined to protect their country from the invasion of the Portuguese. You can also take picture for remembrance and besides, the route leading you to this destination is also not an easy one. Through this journey, you will definitely be able to experience the hardships occurred to the local people in the past.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse Panaromic viewIn order to finally reach the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse, you would need to walk up the hill leading towards the lighthouse. By this, you would then be able to see the whole structure of the lighthouse, in the same time, being exposed to the building constructed of the Portuguese in the state during the past. Having to climb up the hill to reach the lighthouse will definitely bear the fruit for you when you can observe the lighthouse up close and in the same time, you can also discover the Melaka State’s panoramic view on the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse, which had been there for a very long time.

Along the way to the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse, you might also find yourself being exposed to the Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest. This is actually a challenge and also another exciting experience for you in which you will find yourself discovering different species of plants along the way leading to the lighthouse. If you are interested in knowing more about the plants stored in the land of Malaysia, the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse, along with the Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest, is definitely a place you must visit when you are in Negeri Sembilan.

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