Petronas GalleryArt-a work of inspiration, a poem without words but worth a thousand words. The Petronas Gallery is the right place to drop by if you are in love with art or just want a change of scene from the usual tourism channels. It is a prestigious space in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city that showcases the many art works of artists from around the world and in Malaysia. For Malaysian artists, this particular space is their bench mark of success.

If you step into the gallery, you will notice the ambiance and beauty of the entire gallery. The gallery is established and managed by the Petronas. Whichever time of the year that you are in the city, the gallery is always up for a beautiful array of art exhibition. It is great place to be in to find inspiration or to quietly relax as you stroll down the path flanked by art pieces and sculptures on both sides of the wall. You could also sit in front of one painting and just connect with the artist as you interpret the paintings emotion and expression. It is a great place to do research or study a particular painting, especially if you are a young artist, dreaming of making it big in the art world one day.

Petronas Gallery tunku abdul rahmanThe Art Resource Center is a place to be in to check out the many books and recorded material that focus on art that can be quite useful for all art lovers and students. Quite recently, the gallery put up for exhibition of pictures that display the history of nations in many photographs captured over the years. If you are in the city and wish to learn the history of the nation, the Petronas Gallery is the best place to go to in order to see the history of the nation in picture form. You will be given the chance of seeing the first Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and even pictures of great personalities in the nation who have made it big in the international arena. There also are pictures of the nation’s successes and joyful moments. The exhibition is certainly an invaluable insight into the nation’s growth from when it first gained its independence in 1957. Most of the pictures set up for display at the current exhibition were taken by press photographers and are a must see. There is also a part in the gallery that has recently been converted into a city landscape using copies of one of the popular local newspapers The Star. This exhibition is certainly a must see work of art by the Saito College students. This exhibition runs at certain period only so do plan early and make your tour a fascinating one!

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