Tun Abdul Razak memorialThere are many tourist destinations in Malaysia that should be in your travel itinerary. One such place that holds an interesting attraction is the Tun Abdul Razak memorial. It was built in 1961 and used to be the residence or home of Malaysia’s second prime minister until he passed away.

As the second prime minister of the nation, he was the leader who put great focus on developing rural areas with his master mind economy and development programs. The property was converted into a site to honor his great effort he put in towards the development of the nation and its people.

Admission to the property is free and you can view the many personal artifacts of the late prime minister. Several documents and library materials of the late prime minister are also stored here in his memorial. Taking a tour around his home would certainly make you feel like you could just imagine how he lived because there is a certain touch in the entire exhibition-like he is still there. It certainly is a museum like no other because it is a museum centered at his own home!

You can view his vast collection of walking sticks in the memorial, collecting walking sticks was a hobby of him. Besides that, gifts and memorials that were presented to Tun Abdul Razak during his service as the nation’s prime minister are also on display for public viewing. It is a great place for young adults to come to and learn about the nation’s history at that time.

Visiting the museum is certainly the best way to find out more about the history of the nation during that specific time; under Tun Abdul Razak. Many artifacts that have defined Tun Abdul Razak period during his term serving as the prime minister are also on display here.

The site is a great place for a relaxed walk to see the history of the nation through the eyes of the nation’s second prime minister. So, if you do come to Kuala Lumpur, do take some time off your holiday to visit the memorial.

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