jet skiing in port dicksonNegeri Sembilan is a small state in Malaysia that is rich of its Minangkabau culture. The Minangkabau origin from West Sumatra and came to settled here in the 15th century. Therefore you can see many historical buildings or even new architecture have the same likeness of curving, ornate roof lines with sharp points that resemble the buffalo horns. Visitors come for the popular beach resort and other attractions like the historic sites, museums, parks and more.

Water Sports Activity and Mountain Climbing

There are plenty of beaches along the coastline of the famous Port Dickson.  Pantai Bagan Pinang is a beach located at the northern end. It is a clean beach and visitors can join in the activities like riding a banana boat, windsurfing, kayaking, playing beach volleyball and more. There are restaurants and picnic tables available as well. Another beach with white sand and calm and clean water is Pantai Saujana. Here you can ride the jet-skis, speed boats, banana boats and etc. All equipment is available for hire. There are food stalls and facilities like toilet and shower is provided.

For mountain climbing lovers, you may choose to climb Gunung Datuk, Gunung Angsi or Gunung Telapak Buruk. Gunung Datuk is about 884 meters high and it takes approximately 2 hours to reach the peak. Once you reach the peak you will see wonderful views while enjoying the cooling breeze. Gunung Angsi is a popular climbing spot. The mountain is located at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park and hence visitors can have picnics or barbeque after the climb. Gunung Telapak Buruk is the highest peak in the state standing as tall as 1193 meters. Along the way you will see interesting ferns, fungus and bugs too.

Kite Flying and Village Tour

Visitors can fly kites at the Seremban Park. The strong wind here will be able to bring up a small kite up to kites that are 15 feet tall. There are crowds gathering on every Sunday for the kite flying activity, if you do not fly kite, you may come by for a stroll while watching colorful kites flying around up in the sky. It is a spectacular view. Later on, visitors can go on a short tour into the small villages at Sri Menanti. Here you can have a look at the environment, culture and lifestyle of a kampung, meaning village in Malay language. You will notice that the roof arts are in Minangkabau style, with the corner curving upward.

Water Park Fun and Hot Spring Spa

The Wet World Air Panas Pedas is the first and only water theme park in Malaysia that provides the natural hot springs spa pool. The natural hot water is coming from underground springs that have been around for hundreds of years. Visitors are welcome to the theme park for water fun and to relax soaking in the hot springs. There are outdoor games and fun activities organize by the theme park crews available for you and family to take part together.

Picnic and Waterfall Visit

The Lenggeng Recreational Forest offers facility such as picnic gazebos, children’s playground, bridges and pathways for hiking and strolling. Visitors can plan a picnic day out here while watching the spectacular natural waterfall. You can even try sitting under the waterfall on one of the cascades to experience the power shower from the cooling water. On the other hand, another popular place is Jeram Toi Waterfalls. You may bring along your friends and families for a picnic here while swimming in the natural pools. First time visitors can easily get to the waterfalls by following the hiking trail provided.