Port Dickson Beach

Malaysia has always been well-known for its amazing beaches. If you are wondering which beach in Malaysia to explore next, perhaps Port Dickson might just be the perfect vacation spot for you. Port Dickson is situated 32 km away from Seremban and it is also not far away from the city of Kuala Lumpur. Thus, after a satisfying shopping experience and exploration of the busy city, you can always head on to Port Dickson as the next stop to enjoy the relaxing sea breeze and bright sunlight that might eventually sweep your frustrations and stress away.

The beach in Port Dickson will provide you with the chance for perfect sightseeing. You can grab this chance to take photos as remembrance and in the same time, you can also enjoy the peacefulness of the Mother Nature which will further help you to get away from your daily overloaded work and assignments. Besides of the beach in Port Dickson, Port Dickson is also famous for its fresh seafood. Due to the fact that most seafood restaurants in Port Dickson are situated near to the seaside, you can always get to taste the mouth-watering and fresh seafood the restaurants provide to you coming straight from the sea.

If you are interested with the historical landmarks in Malaysia, Port Dickson also provides you with the chance to enhance your historical knowledge about Malaysia when you visit Lukut. Lukut – situated in Port Dickson – has a rich history in mining as it was one of the most important mining sites in the 19th century. Besides of having the chance to visit the location personally, you can also visit the Lukut Museum which stores all the historical memories of the local mining experiences from the 19th century.

Port Dickson TownFurthermore, besides of serving your memory as one of the most famous beaches in Malaysia, Port Dickson also has a small town which can help you in gaining more interaction and knowledge by communicating with the villagers in the Port Dickson Town, in which you can discover more about their culture and their living lifestyle through the daily activities they conduct in the small town.

If you are in a vacation in Port Dickson with your family, you can also bring your children to the Port Dickson Mini Zoo, which houses all kinds of animals such as rabbits, camels, monkeys, horses, and so on. This is also the perfect chance for you to have more bonding sessions with your children considering the fact that you might lack the chance to do so when you are busy with your work in the city. Apart from that, an Ostrich Farm in Port Dickson might be another interesting vacation spot in Port Dickson for you to visit. In here, you and your family will get the chance to learn the ways in handling an ostrich egg, as well as having the opportunity to interact with the real-life ostriches.

Attractions in Port Dickson
1. Army Museum
2. Fort Kempas
3. Fort Lukut
Army Museum Fort Kempas Fort Lukut
4. Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse 5. Teluk Kemang Beach 6. Blue Lagoon Beach
Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse / Cape Rachado Teluk Kemang Blue Lagoon Beach
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Nice hotel with great pool and big pool, perfect for family vacation.
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3. Avillion Hotel
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