10 Best Tour Destination in Negeri Sembilan

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Discover the wonders and beauty of Negeri Sembilan

Rich in culture and history, Negeri Sembilan is a state that offers many gorgeous sceneries, food and beaches. It is famous for the museums, landscapes and Port Dickson, a popular beachside getaway among locals.

10 Best Tour Destination in Negeri Sembilan

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Port Dickson

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Negeri Sembilan Tour Destination Highlights

  • For a day of adventure, visit the Kenaboi State Park that offers many activities such as mountain climbing and jungle trekking.
  • Explore the Batu Maloi Cave that will have you traversing through darkness while hearing bats fly around you.
  • For an educational trip through history, spend some time at the Royal Museum Seri Menanti or the Lukut Fort and Museum.
  • Visit Port Dickson and have a picnic at the variety of beaches like Cahaya Negeri Beach or Teluk Kemang Beach that are open to the public.
  • Take a night river cruise at Sungai Timun Fireflies. View the enchanting beauty of blinking lights bringing life to the night sky.

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