Wang Kelian is a village located at the northern part of the state of Perlis. It is one of the border crossing points from Malaysia into Thailand and vice versa.

Wang Kelian is the entrance to one of Malaysia’s newest nature park, the Perlis State Park. The range is a sight to behold, with a dense forest surrounded by limestone structures from part of the Nakawan range stretching into Thailand. Within the Perlis State Park, visitors can check out the Wang Burma Cave, a spectacular display of limestone formation such as towering stalactites and stalagmites that formed over the centuries.

The market in Wang Kelian very Sunday is a unique experience, with parts of the market on both sides of national borders. Visitors are allowed to visit the Thai section of the market without needing passports. There are a lot of unique products from both countries being traded, which includes fruits and cheap clothing from Thailand, and electrical appliances and cooking oil from Malaysia.

Attractions in Wang Kelian:
1. Perlis State Park
Perlis State Park