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Day 3 Penang Tour Package

Pasar Air Itam

After checked out, we drove to Pasar Air Itam (one of the Air Itam’s landmarks besides Kek Lok Si). As this is a tourist spot, it’s not only crowded but have to pay for expensive car park too!

AI 1

Saw a “Muar Chee” (Mochi) stall, how can I miss such tempting food?

AI 2 AI 3

There are many shops nearby Kek Lok Si that sells worshiping goods.

AI 4

The stall beside the road is always crowded and that’s the place we are going to have the Laksa!

AI 5
How could you resist the tempting Laksa and cooling Cendol? The meal is so satisfying!
AI 6 AI 7

Batu Feringghi

After our meal, we decided to explore the Penang Island and found this scenic place
BF 1
BF 2 BF 3
The street looks so clean at one glance. Finally reached the Batu Feringghi Beach.
BF 4 BF 5
A beautiful reservoir along the way. Penang shall reserve all these green areas.
BF 6 BF 7

Ferry Ride

This is my first time experiencing ferry ride in Penang. The maximum cargo capacity is 5000kg.
Port 1 Port 2
Following the car in front, we found our way to park our car in the ferry.
Port 3 Port 4
It is actually split into 2 levels. Powerful design! All the seats are occupied in just awhile.
Port 5 Port 6
When the ferry starts sailing, it’s time for us to say goodbye to the beautiful Penang Island!
Port 7

Trip report by: 墙头草