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Penang Bridge

I couldn’t remember for how long and far I have traveled. I just recalled that I was so excited when I saw the sea! Everything gladdens the eyes when you are happy. The skyline of Penang is exceptionally beautiful and even the air is so fresh! However, the toll costs RM7 or RM5.60 (with Touch N’ Go). It is not cheap if you have to pass by the bridge everyday.

Bridge 2

Penang Bridge began its construction in 1979 and was opened to traffic in 1985. The bridge leaps across the Strait and connecting the Penang Island and Peninsular Malaysia’s Wesley. This is also why it’s named as Penang Bridge. The 13.5 km long Penang Bridge is connecting the land transportation from both ends and rank third among the world’s longest suspension bridge.

Ryokan @ Muntri Street

This backpackers hostel in Georgetown is renovated from an antique building. There are many other backpackers and bistro, you could feel very free by enjoying the environment.

Ryokan 1 Ryokan 2
The check-in counter lines along with the bar stand and common area. Toasts are provided for breakfast.
Ryokan 4 Ryokan 3
 It has been awhile since I last played carom.  I used this antique staircase to reach my room.
Ryokan 5 Ryokan 6
 There isn’t any computer provided but the iPads.
 Ryokan 7
 We stayed at The Loft (6 pax per room with the shared bathroom)
 Ryokan 8
 It costs only RM35 per pax for such clean and comfy accommodation. *p/s: it is so cold at night!
 Ryokan 9

Address: Jalan Muntri, Georgetown, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Website: www.agoda.com/ryokan-muntri-street/hotel/penang-my.html

Moontree 47 café

Penang has many old buildings, just like Melaka (besides the fact that Melaka is more crowded).

Penang 1

This is another commercial block that was renovated from the old building. Frankly speaking, I’m so excited to be here as I love the vintage style cafe. It’s just a short walking distance from Ryokan. Feeling the happiness for enjoying the environment here!

Moontree 1 Moontree 2
The effort can be seen from the decoration. The cooling ice chocolate.
Moontree 3 Moontree 5
Hot brownies and the chocolate ice-cream. Yummy!
Moontree 4

This awesome place (backpackers + cafe + arts gallery) is run by 3 youngsters who are graduated from the same art college. They have their own dreams: A girl who loves traveling wants to operate a backpackers; a boy who worked in a western cafe wants to have his own space to make nice coffee for his customers; another guy who wants a space for his own art gallery.

When they met each other, they have decided to start pursuing their dreams in this old shop at the Muntri Street.

Address: Jalan Muntri, Georgetown, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Tien Hou Temple

Founded in 1886 whereby its building material are fully imported from China prior to the early years. The current building is the reconstructed one in 1895. This temple mainly worships the patron saint of the seafarers: “Mazu”. During “Mazu”‘s birthday, the believers will kill the sheep and worship “Mazu”. It is a grand and lively celebration.

In 1995, Qiong Zhou Center’s centenary celebration, the temple cordially invited the Chinese carving master to rebuild and design the temple’s dragon sculpture. It took a year to complete the major renovation for the temple.

 Tien Hou 1  Tien Hou 2
 The carvings are so refined. I really admire the hard-work of the carpenters.
 Tien Hou 3  Tien Hou 4
 It is peaceful and clean in the temple. Perhaps it’s due to it isn’t any big festival going on.
 Tien Hou 5  Tien Hou 6

Address: 93, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Penang  Lebuh Muntri, George Town, Penang.

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

The clock tower’s height is up to 60 feet and completed in 1987. It is donated by the businessman Cheah Chen Eok (who runs opium and alcohol business) to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign (1937-1897).

Victoria 1

The whole Georgetown is full of the feel of British Colonial. There are many British style buildings, statues and landmarks that attract many foreigners to visit.

Fort Cornwallis

We walked to Fort Cornwallis from the clock tower. Fort Cornwallis is the first place Light landed on 1786. The castle was originally built by wooden material. However, the British Colonial Government reconstructed it to a rock castle by utilizing the prisoners’. There are people believe that the cannons displayed do help for re-productivity. Thus, there are women always put the flowers into the cannons.

Cornwallis 1
RM2 per entry.
Cornwallis 2
This should be the Francis Light’s statue I wonder do the women still practice it.
Cornwallis 3 Cornwallis 4
Cornwallis 5 Cornwallis 6

Address: Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, Georgetown, Penang.

Town Hall & City Hall

From the left of Fort Cornwallis, you may see the British Colonial Style’s building.

The City Hall during the day time The City Hall during the night time
City Hall 1 City Hall 2

No matter it’s day or night time, the City Hall still looks so beautiful.

The Town Hall looks well-maintained from the outlook.
Town Hall 1

There was some activities and food stalls were along the way at night:

Popiah Fried Rice
Food 1 Food 2
Ice Kacang Char Kuey Teow
Food 4 Food 3
Seafood First time seeing mandarin oranges tossing.
Food 5 Food 6

Chew Jetty

Chew Jetty is one of the eight jetties (Lim, Lee, Yang, Kok and etc.) in Penang and Chew Jetty is recognized as the most established one.

Chew 1
 It is situated at the side of the ferry quay.  It’s the filming site of the “Ice Kacang Puppy Love”
Chew 2 Chew 3
Chew 4 Chew 5
Chew 6
 This is my first time seeing a temple built on the sea.
Chew 7
 It’s surprising you can see rats jumping around during low tide.
Chew 8 Chew 9
The view is so beautiful. No wonder it attracts so many tourist for visit.
Chew 10

Kimberly Street

It will be right to travel to Kimberly Street for food.

Kimberly 1

The Kimberly Street was being treated as a second class street that sells cheaper goods. However, there are many locals purchases the goods there. When Komtar first opened, there were many customers went for its air-conditioned facilities. However, this phenomena didn’t last long because they realized there isn’t any need to travel to a shopping to purchase things that could be gotten at the shops nearby.

The crowd started queuing up at the Sin Guat Keong Coffee Shop for the Char Kuey Teow:


Entered the shop after the ordered.It feels classic when we entered this more than half century old shop.
Kimberly 3 Kimberly 4
The yummy food has arrived!
Kimberly 5

RM2.60 (Normal), RM3.20 (add egg), RM5 – RM5.80 (add prawns)

There are even more stalls after that:
Kimberly6 Kimberly7
Kimberly 9 Kimberly 8
Kimberly 10 Kimberly 11