Agriculture Heritage ParkTraveling could be exhausting at times, although it might bring us fruitful knowledge at the end of each journey we traveled. In Malaysia, there are many things to discover and it would definitely take a very long time to observe every single unique element in the country. Thus, answering to the inconvenience of travelers in exploring the country of Malaysia, certain facilities are provided for the travelers to ease their journey and to make their traveling experience more enjoyable. One of the places providing such convenience is the Agriculture Heritage Park located in Putrajaya.

The Agriculture Heritage Park is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia if you intend to understand more about Malaysia’s development of the agro-based commerce. The Agriculture Heritage Park possesses a distinctive outlook of the tropical vernacular architecture, which makes one feels like he/she is stepping into a resort instead of a vacation spot. The building structure of the Agriculture Heritage Park is also unique as it is built with a wooden structure, which allows it to become a perfect spot for more picture-capturing to be kept as remembrance by the visitors.

Agriculture Heritage Park rubber processingThere are many divisions for one to visit in the Agriculture Heritage Park. One of them is the Rubber Processing Demonstration Area. In here, visitors will obtain the chance to witness for themselves the process of how rubber is made, starting from the very first step – latex collection – up to the very final stage. Besides, visitors who are interested with plants can also grab this chance to visit the plantation site situated in the park, which plants at least 170 types of different agriculture trees and plants. Amongst these plants and tress include cocoa, rubber, coffee, oil palm, fruits, and so on. You can further your knowledge of plants here and in the same time, get to know more about the methods in processing these plants.

Besides, if you are interested with the Malaysian history, you can also visit the Visitor Complex located in the Agriculture Heritage Park. Stepping into the Visitor Complex will give you an instant feeling as if you had been transported back to the old traditional age of the Malay palaces in Malaysia. The whole building structure of the Visitor Complex is a replication of the traditional Malay palaces in Malaysia, along with the royalty atmosphere embedded in the Visitor Complex itself.

In the same time, you can also enjoy the whole view of Putrajaya by climbing up to the Viewing Deck. The Viewing Deck is the highest spot one can visit in the park. Here, you will be able to see the whole view of Putrajaya right in front of you which include the Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putra Mosque and etc. You can also take pictures of the surroundings with ease as future references or as a remembrance for you to remember the wonderful experience you had spent here in the Agriculture Heritage Park.

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