Langkawi Water Festival and Power Boat 2014

The beautiful waterfront in Langkawi (Photo credit: langkawi-info.com) The much anticipated Langkawi Water Festival is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to attract more tourists to visit Pulau Langkawi. It is an annual event that is celebrated with food, music and dances. With more than 30 interesting activities that have been lined […]

Borneo International Marathon 2014

 The scenic view of the race route (Photo credit: borneoreflections.blogspot.com) Attention to all avid runners! The Borneo International Marathon which is also known as “The Beautiful Run” is back with its 7th edition.  Since it was first held in 2008, the Borneo International Marathon had received overwhelming response from local as well as overseas participants. Currently, […]

Water Festival Port Dickson 2014

The mesmerizing scenery of Port Dickson’s beach (Photo credit: placesandfoods.com) The Port Dickson Water Festival is organized by the Tourism Ministry of Negeri Sembilan with the co-operation of the state government as an effort to promote Port Dickson as one Malaysia’s popular tourism destination. It is an annual event that draws massive crowd and is […]

Sabah Fest

One of the mesmerizing performances during the Sabah Fest (Photo credit: sabahfest.com) Sabah Fest is an exciting event held annually as a prelude to the state-wide Harvest Festival celebration. You will be entertained by an array of music and dances which will feature Sabah at its best. Besides the amazing performances, there will also be […]

Tidal Bore Carnival 2014

A surfer enjoying the wonderful natural phenomenon (Photo credit: sarawakupdate.com.my) Tidal Bore is locally known as Benak by the people in Sarawak. The special thing about it is there are only 50 of such natural occurrence in the world and the one in Sarawak is placed the 4th on the list of the world’s “Top […]

IFMA Muay Thai World Championship

Two participants battling it out during the championship (Photo credit: wmcmuaythai.org) The Muay Thai which originated from Thailand is one of the most brutal Ring sport in the world. This year, the IFMA Muay Thai World Championship will be held in one of Malaysia’s most beautiful island – Pulau Langkawi. This competition will keep you […]

International Pahang River Rafting Expedition

Participants who joined the previous expedition (Photo credit: mmadventure.com) Are you hungry for some adventure? If your answer is yes, you definitely would not want to miss the International Pahang River Rafting Expedition that will surely trill you with a memorable experience. Since it was introduced in 2001, this expedition has become more and more […]

Kaamatan Festival 2014

 The Aboriginals in Sabah with their beautiful costumes (Photo credit: virtualmalaysia.com ) The Kaamatan festival is a joyous and exciting event which is extensively celebrated for one whole month in Sabah, especially among the Kadazan-Dusuns. Many people may not know the myth behind this festival. Once upon a time, there was a god by the name […]

Colors of 1Malaysia 2014

Different races and ethnicity clad in their traditional outfits (Photo credit: visionkl.com) The Colours of 1Malaysia Festival returns this year to mesmerize its visitors with an array of vibrant and spectacular performances which showcases the unique culture and heritage of Malaysia. It is no doubt the perfect opportunity to better understand the diverse culture of […]

Kelantan International Kite Fest 2014

Kelantan’s skyline which is decorated with colorful kites (Photo credit: theblissfulabode.blogspot.com) Prepare to be dazzled by a sky-full of colorful kites at the Kelantan International Kite Fest! This year is the 31st edition of the festival as it had gained overwhelming response from the public since it was first held in 1982. Top kite fliers from all […]