Ayer Itam is a town located in the center of Penang Island. Many choose to navigate this busy town by foot as the roads are frequently congested.

There are 2 famous temples in Ayer Itam. The first is the Jade Emperor’s Pavilion, a Taoist temple dedicated to the Jade Emperor. Many pilgrims would come to visit during Chinese New Year. The second is the Kek Lok Si temple, one of the largest Buddhist temple in South-east Asia. The temple features a giant statue of Kuan Yin at its summit.

Another popular tourist attraction is Penang Hill, or also known as Bukit Bendera in the local Malay language. It is a popular holiday retreat to escape from the hot weather of Malaysia. Visitors can either take the Penang Hill Railway up the hill, drive up on the “jeep track”, or take a leisure hike up through the Penang Botanic Gardens and get a great bird eye view of Penang Island from top.

Attractions in Ayer Itam:
1. Penang Hill
2. Kek Lok Si Temple
Penang Hill Kek Lok Si Temple