Baling is a town in the state of Kedah, close to the borders of Thailand. Baling means “throw” in Malay, and is believed to be connected to a popular Kedah myth of Raja Bersiong, a vampire-like king who removed his fangs and throw it away after his subjects rose against him.

There are quite a few interesting sites in Baling. Like many other towns in Malaysia, Baling also have its own clock tower built to commemorate the independence of Malaysia during 1957. One major attraction in Baling is the Kuan Yin Temple, a Buddist temple that lies inside a big cave. Many visitors go there to pray for good health and happiness.

The Lata Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest is a great place to visit for a picnic. It has a beautiful seven layer cascading waterfall of cool, clear water along Mempelam River. There are also many paths for nature walks and bird sighting. Where as the Ulu Legong Hot Spring is good for visitors who are looking for natural and relaxing retreat.

Attractions in Baling:
1. Ulu Legong Hot Spring
Ulu Legong Hot Spring