merdeka dayMalaysia is a great place for vacation, if you are here, you may just be lucky to be here during a happening festival. Festivals in Malaysia are plentiful, considering the diversity in terms of cultures and festivals.

One such festival that you will definitely enjoy celebrating with the locals is Merdeka Day. This celebration is held on the last day of August every year to mark the country’s independence from British rule in 1957. Malaysia gained freedom peacefully, through talks in London instead of raging wars. There were toils and challenges along the way but Malaysians and its leaders rose above them all and overcame. Every year, on this day, Malaysians come out to celebrate their independence.

Things to See during Malaysia Day

During the month of August, you will see many national flags put up along the roads, on sky scrapers and even on cars of the local people. Patriotic songs will be played in public places and shopping malls across the country will be decorated with flags and the festive spirit is definitely there. There will be a parade in Merdeka Square every year which is always grand. There will be a spectacle of colors, a presentation of the armies of the country, performance and a showcase of the best of the nation’s symbols and pride. There is nothing better than spending Merdeka Day at the Merdeka Square where it all took place and be a part of the celebrations.

Things to Do during Malaysia Day

The month of August which is the month where Malaysians begin their preparations for the big day, making it the best time of the year for you to go on a tour to all the historical sites and museums. Learn more about the struggles, little accomplishments and tales of the old that are exhibited in the museums. You can start in Melaka where the history of the land all began, it was here where many significant events took place. Melaka has so many museums to explore.

There are also plenty of monuments across the country. In Kuala Lumpur, you can visit Merdeka Square and visit the memorial to the soldiers who fought valiantly in the war against the communist.

Traveling in Malaysia during Merdeka Day

Traveling around in Kuala Lumpur on Merdeka Day may be quite hard. Merdeka day is a public holiday and so the streets will be crowded in the city and in most of the towns. If you are planning to celebrate Merdeka Day in Kuala Lumpur, especially the city centre, do plan ahead and ensure that you are ready to face the large crowds. The public transport systems will definitely be crowded as well but it is certainly worth the effort when you see the fireworks go off at Merdeka Square in the evening and be a part of such a grand festival in the country.

Where to Stay in Malaysia during Malaysia Day

While having vacation in Malaysia during Merdeka Day, you will be spoiled for choices as to where to stay for a night or two as you tour the country in search of the best monuments and historical sites. If you are in the Kuala Lumpur, there are many hotels that will be just right for what you need. It is best to stay in the heart of the city if you are planning to be at Merdeka Square on Merdeka Day. If you are in Melaka or other states, do find a hotel that is nearer to the city centre as it is much more convenient to get around using the public transport. Renting a car is also a good option.