Kampar Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Kampar is a town located in the state of Perak. Once a tin mining town during the 1900s due to its high tin ore reserves, many of these mining activities has since collapsed. However, the abandoned mines that has since formed into ponds that attracts many anglers from around the country. Many people have also […]

Tambun Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Discovering Tambun: Exploring Malaysia’s Thrilling Lost World and Relaxing Hot Springs Tambun is a town in the state of Perak. Tambun’s most exciting attraction is The Lost World of Tambun, a themepark and waterpark that is so popular that it is actually more famous than the town itself. The Lost World of Tambun is one […]

Gopeng Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Gopeng is a town located in the state of Perak, within the district of Kampar. Once a town bustling with tin mining, Gopeng has developed to become a town well known for its beautiful rainforest, and local cuisine. The Gopeng Rainforest Resort offers all sorts of packages to explore the beauty of the Gopeng Rainforest, […]

Manjung Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Manjung is a district in the Southwestern part of the Perak state in Malaysia. It is also home of the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) Lumut Naval Base and dockyard. Seri Manjung is the district’s principal urban center hence it housed the government buildings like the Municipal Council Office, National Registration Office and more. Other smaller […]

Ipoh Railway Station, Perak

Ipoh Railway Station

The panorama view of Ipoh Railway Station (credit: robin28witter) The Ipoh Railway Station is one of the Ipoh’s main heritage buildings. The building was completed in 1920, 3 years later than originally scheduled and it was initially designated to be a hospital. The famous British architect Arthur Benison Hubback designed the added features of the […]

What to eat in Perak

As the 2nd largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, Perak has several places of interests that captured the visitors from local and oversea. The capital of Perak is Ipoh, it is once a town that is well known for its tin-mining activity. Other than sightseeing, there are lots of great foods in Perak as well. Ipoh […]